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7 Ways To Instantly Live A Happier Life

he who does not start, will never arrive
every journey starts with one small step

We have made a full stop to the working life we lived before and quitted all the jobs that did not seem to fit us anymore. Long story... A year has passed, lots of things happened. Some of the so called "friends" could not believe that we would not continue to pursue the hunt for money and left our stage. The inner little monster that told us to play the game of constantly upgrading looks, styles and gadgets to be part of the rat race is quiet now. Phases of feeling left out or kind of depressed all vanished and gave way to an astonishing peacefulness.
It took over a year and now we made it - we reached the point, where we are back in touch with "the source".  I felt the reconnection first when we were on our last trip in Norway for fishing. Hellmut and I were alone on our little boat on a rather rough day and drove out to the ocean. The waves got higher, we saw the water hitting the reef …

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